Posted by: wryman | March 4, 2008

New Blog!

I was trying to think of a fun way to entertain my family and keep them in touch with our wedding plans.  I honestly think this seems a little self-indulgent.  But, I suppose that spending thousands of dollars on a ceremony and reception is pretty damn self-indulgent as well.

My cousin and his wife have this great blog about renovating their house.   I asked him for some guidance on how to get this started.  He recommended the site and then we went out and tried to think of a catchy name.

I thought of “Then Comes Marriage.”  Jessika liked it, but thought that “First Comes Love” would be more logical.  But, some lady had already snatched that up.  It’s about Jesus and stuff.  Brainstorming continued.  I thought of “Horse and Carriage,” but left it there.  The homage to Married. . . With Children probably doesn’t work well in the context.  So, Jessika liked “Much Ado About I Do,” but later worked it out to be “Much Ado About Nuptials.”

So, here goes. . . nothing.



  1. What a great idea to start a wedding Plog! I love the stories about how you two met.

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