Posted by: wryman | March 10, 2008

Chairness – A Vote

In my college Political Theory course, we had one lecture on Chairness. I believe this is a fairly common theme in philosophy. When you break it down, this also becomes a theme in defining objects.

From my old notes, I wrote that Plato would define a chair as such because it represents the ideals of chairness. Aristotle, on the other hand, would state that a chair demonstrates its chairness when it is fulfilling its virtue (i.e. someone’s butt is planted in it). For his part, Hegel represented that there is the perfect representation or ideal of chairness and that all chairs are merely imperfect representations of the ideal. And, I believe that Marx would posit that a chair means nothing so long as there is no meal at the table for the worker to eat.

With the wedding ceremony, I thought I was create a fun participatory vote. After all, Jessika and I are not the ones that will be doing the sitting. The following are a few examples of the rental chairs that are available. Peruse them, see which ones you like and let us know in the comment section.

Padded Folding Chairs
This is the classic padded white selection

White Slatted Chairs
These are slatted chairs

White Resin Chair
The economic alternative, resin

Bench with Back
A bench, for couples

Garden Bench
A bench, with a little style

High School Bleachers
Bleachers; this ceremony would require audience participation (i.e. the wave)



  1. As for the choice of chair, Shodja suggested a bed!
    I would opt for a nice padded one right up front with a huge trash can for all my tear-soaked tissues(from all HAPPY tears, mind you!!)
    We love you both!!! Hugs and kisses, MOM

  2. You know, I really did not leave room for a write-in candidate.

  3. Oh man, it’s tough to pass up a good set of bleachers. But the padded white (well, ours were tan) worked for us well.


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