Posted by: wryman | March 28, 2008

Variations on a Processional Song

So, as it turns out, last weekend I was bumming around the Internet, looking at wedding related stuff. Or, not looking at wedding related stuff. I was looking at whatever. And, I can across this guy’s YouTube video. I was a bit funny. I sort of fell in love with his perception of himself. As it turns out, he made a CD, so I downloaded it.Later on, I was looking at wedding related things.

An aside: As I’ve been listing to my music, I’ve been writing down songs that catch my ear. One day, the Imperial March from Star Wars came across my iPod, and I thought it would be really funny if we used that as the wedding processional song. Me, dressed up like Hans Solo. Derek, Sean and Michael in Storm Trooper outfits. Jessika as princess Leia. I’m not sure how to dress the bridesmaids, maybe like Princess Leia when she was a captive of Jabba the Hut. Really, I do not know that much about Star Wars, it just seemed funny.

But, I had mentioned the Imperial March to Jessika as a possibility. She said “Well, isn’t there just that one wedding processional song? I don’t know. You’re the one that wants to turn all tradition on its head.” Well, there is that one. And no, not all tradition. But, I digress.

According to the Knot, there are many others as well. So, I was scanning through my music and listening to various things. After I downloaded that guy’s CD, I realized he had a remix version of Canon in D on the CD. I was ecstatic! Here was Jessika’s one wedding processional song with my twist.

Anyway, here is this guy, Ronald Jenkees, messing around with the Canon in D song that made it onto his CD:

Looking up Canon in D, I found a couple of fun variations. I’d sort of enjoy having the Korean version at our ceremony. Of course, I’d sort of enjoy it much in the same sense that I’d enjoy the Storm Troopers Groomsmen, it’s a fun visual.

However, what I really did have sort of in mind was something more like the next one. Except maybe not at the expense of having the composer come play, sans the ocean, and maybe pepper in a few Storm Trooper Groomsmen.



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