Posted by: wryman | March 30, 2008

Star Wars Wedding

Star Wars

I guess I knew it happened. I guess I knew somewhere in the universe there were people that got married with a Star Wars theme to the ceremony. I’m not surprised.

As a follow up to the processional song variation theme, I did go search for Star Wars weddings.

Jedi REcessional

And holy comoly did I ever find a plethora of pictures and videos. And, I guess I am not the first to write about this, either. (And, I guess I missed the whole idea about a Star Trek Wedding.) Man! One of the things I never considered is the fact that there is a whole online community of Star Wars bloggers. Neat enough, I suppose. If that’s your thing.

You know, Jessika and I have not worked out all of the details surrounding our “theme” for the wedding. By saying theme, I am sort of referring to the overall feel of the event. At any rate, we have not worked all of that out, but I am pretty sure it will not involve costumes beyond tuxedos. And, I do not think it will include props like light sabers.

Unless, can we do a Terry Pratchett wedding?

Well, here are some videos of Star Wars weddings, enjoy if you like:

I think this one about sums up. I like the ten year old boy “You are the biggest loser ever.”


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