Posted by: wryman | April 18, 2008


So, men wear tuxedos for their weddings, right? I guess. I think my cousin wore khakis and a dress shirt. We’ll see what Jeremy wears this weekend.

I’ve been thinking about it, a little. I mentioned before that I liked Cab Calloway’s zoot suit, but that is really a bit dated, isn’t it? But, I really think we should follow our male icons as fashion role models:

Mmmm . . . denim!

This makes me think of a good combination the groomsmen and I could wear:



  1. Of the three, I vote for the Magictone’s attire. It just oozes class. But would the groom wear a mathcing tux or a Jake & Elwood style suit? Can we get Jessika to wear a waitress outfit a la Aretha Franklin, complete with house slippers?

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