Posted by: wryman | April 19, 2008

Form Follows Function

Many people might not know that I once was going to be an architect. I even started school to become one. That failed experience lasted all of one month due to my sheer lack of preparedness for the college experience. Man, there is a distinct lack of memories there.

Anyway, growing up in Oak Park and being interested in architecture, I developed an affinity for Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School of architecture. But, also loving the downtown skyscrapers, I was exposed to the works of Mies van der Rohe and the Modernist school. The Modernist School by many is seen as mere glass boxes, but the structures were designed to peel away the frivolous elements and not impede upon the beauty of a space. Philip Johnson’s Glass House is a particularly beautiful example of this. Unfortunately, Modernism gave rise to Post-Modernism. In Post-Modernism, we see the same minimalist features, but with themes that are placed to evoke earlier schools of design, like Art Decco or the Chicago School.

Hell. I could be wrong. I was in architecture school fifteen years ago and I never even enrolled in a history class. The whole point is I’m trying to make a point. One of the tenets of the Modernist school is that form follows function. And, I was reminded of this the other day as I was surfin’ the ‘net for tuxedo pictures.

I ran across this cute picture:


We shall call this little guy “Buster.” It’s a very cute little tuxedo. The front view does not do justice for my point, though:

Buster\'s Brother, Raymond

For as you can see, this tuxedo has no pants. After all, form follows function. In this case, bodily function. Dogs, obviously, do not have opposable thumbs and cannot manipulate zippers when they need to lift a leg or drop a duece. (In fact, the above picture sort of looks like Raymond, Buster’s Brother, is providing a little wind under his tuxedo tails himself.)

So, thinking about the form and function of tuxedos and appreciating the minimalism of design on the doggies tuxedos, my mind obviously went wandering. I came up with a new tuxedo option to consider:

I modeled this picture

Oh yeah, ladies, notice how the cuffs and collar evoke the theme of the tuxedo without all of this shirt and coat mumbo jumbo. Hey, we’re getting married in June. It’s going to be warm. And, if it gets extra warm, the pants would not be an issue either. I’ve got that covered, sort of:

Unfortunately, for the wedding party, I am afraid that the result might be a little familiar:


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