Posted by: wryman | April 30, 2008

Tuxedos A’plenty!

Hold on! I need to think here! It’s been a little while and I’m trying to remember which tuxedos I’ve looked into. My favorite, the thong. Bad celebrity tuxedos. Murph and the Magic Tones. So, on we go with it:

Really, in looking into tuxes, I’m sort of losing my grasp. I mean the obvious choice is a traditional ensemble with a nice tie. Me and my groom’s posse might look a little like this:

Great Movie, by the way

That would be pretty sweet! I, of course, would be Mr. Orange. Michael, of course, would be Mr. White. Derek would be Mr. Pink. And Sean? Well, the cast kind of thins out from there. I would say Mr. Blonde, but he’s the movie’s psycho. And, I could say Mr. Blue or Mr. Brown, but they both die early on. Really, they all die. So, Sean could be Nice Guy Eddie.

Off the aside! I’m not quite sure if that is what I fully want, so in the effort to examine my choices more fully, I present a few new options:

The aforementioned Canadian Tuxedo. This is a good choice for those fall weddings, I’m not sure about June, though.

Now, that’s talent! You might not recognize the cloth immediately, but that is a fancy duct tape tuxedo. Quite nice. This would be respectful of the home state because the Duct Tape Guys are from Wisconsin!

Unlike the traditional tuxedo t-shirt, this one is green, which just spells out C-L-A-S-S! Or is that two too many letters? I think I would have to show up in the same state as the guy in the picture! “What me? I’m getting married today, bro!”

Honestly, if it is Scottish, it’s crap!

Did we already cover this one? I was thinking I could dress my nieces up in little faerie dresses, complete with wings, and have them be the flower girls. Tyler and Griffin could be leprechauns. Our Moms could be the Queens of the Forest. But, Jessika would have to wear this dress:

Last, but not least, I think we could hit my favorite one. Previously, I had touched on my desire to wear a zoot suit. In my searches, I think I finally found the one I’ve been looking for:

Awww yeah! That’s right. Zoot Suit Riot!



  1. Riot!

    Seriously, though, good job – I would have pegged me as Mr. Pink, too. I don’t know that I know any of your other friends who are going to be in the wedding, but how about Marvin? Maybe Sean could be Marvin.

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