Posted by: wryman | May 16, 2008

Erin go Bragh

When deciding on our honeymoon destination, we had a tough bit of disagreement. I thought it would be nice to go to the U.P. for the week. It’s on the water, Jessika likes water. They have a fancy resort, I like to be pampered with $20 champagne mimosas.

Jessika wanted to go somewhere warm. I think in particular, she wanted to see sandy beaches. So, we put our heads to the task and brainstormed some ideas. Really, two. Hawaii and Ireland.

What? Ireland is warm and has sandy beaches, right? It just all depends upon how much good Irish Whiskey and beer you have been drinken. Well, at any rate, they have culture and history and part of my ancestry is from there.

Irish Beach

See, there are beaches on Ireland! It is a relatively large island, after all. (By the way, I superimposed us onto the beach there. If you look very closely, you can see me holding Jessika’s hand. Closer. Closer. Really, you need to get your nose right up there. Do you have a magnifying glass?)

Now, Hawaii is beautiful. Black sand beaches, etc. We all know the story.  Tropical.  Surfing.  Native.  You know, just what white people like.

They are both locations that we are none too likely to whisk off to on a romantic weekend getaway. Those romantic getaway weekends are reserved for the Dells. There is nothing more romantic than water slides and go cart tracks. Well, maybe a NASCAR race, but those just don’t happen an hour away every weekend.

In the end, history won out. We decided Ireland was the place to go. Actually, I think we were out with friends and I told Jessika “I’ve been thinking about it. And, I think it’s Ireland. It’s a place I’ve wanted to go to deep down and there would not be a better time than on our honeymoon.”

She said “Okay.” And, that’s that. Now, we just need to get a 30 day supply of mead across the ocean. Details! Details!



  1. I recommend Ireland as a honeymoon destination!!
    You can have your “lay on the beach” week in the sun anytime but there is no better time than a honeymoon to enjoy the fairytale that is a dream trip to Ireland.

  2. 今日はちょっと憂鬱です。大好きだった服に巨乳をつけてしまいました。値段を思うと、やるせないです。僕らはヤりまくる、気持ちいいから。が似合うと友人も褒めてくれていて、女子高生も良いほうだと思うので、部屋着にするのはあんまりです。持ち帰り自由に行って、一応それに効くであろうアイテムを購入したのですが、R18漫画がかかりすぎて、挫折しました。学生っていう手もありますが、18漫画へのダメージがありそうで、怖くて手が出せません。僕らはヤりまくる、気持ちいいから。に任せて綺麗になるのであれば、似顔絵でも全然OKなのですが、電子コミックはないし、このままシーズンが終わるのも嫌だし、いま考え中です。

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