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Tennessee Tuxedo

It’s time to take a break. What better than a collection of Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons? Okay, grab a beer and watch the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons. Better?

Posted by: wryman | May 16, 2008

Erin go Bragh

When deciding on our honeymoon destination, we had a tough bit of disagreement. I thought it would be nice to go to the U.P. for the week. It’s on the water, Jessika likes water. They have a fancy resort, I like to be pampered with $20 champagne mimosas.

Jessika wanted to go somewhere warm. I think in particular, she wanted to see sandy beaches. So, we put our heads to the task and brainstormed some ideas. Really, two. Hawaii and Ireland.

What? Ireland is warm and has sandy beaches, right? It just all depends upon how much good Irish Whiskey and beer you have been drinken. Well, at any rate, they have culture and history and part of my ancestry is from there.

Irish Beach

See, there are beaches on Ireland! It is a relatively large island, after all. (By the way, I superimposed us onto the beach there. If you look very closely, you can see me holding Jessika’s hand. Closer. Closer. Really, you need to get your nose right up there. Do you have a magnifying glass?)

Now, Hawaii is beautiful. Black sand beaches, etc. We all know the story.  Tropical.  Surfing.  Native.  You know, just what white people like.

They are both locations that we are none too likely to whisk off to on a romantic weekend getaway. Those romantic getaway weekends are reserved for the Dells. There is nothing more romantic than water slides and go cart tracks. Well, maybe a NASCAR race, but those just don’t happen an hour away every weekend.

In the end, history won out. We decided Ireland was the place to go. Actually, I think we were out with friends and I told Jessika “I’ve been thinking about it. And, I think it’s Ireland. It’s a place I’ve wanted to go to deep down and there would not be a better time than on our honeymoon.”

She said “Okay.” And, that’s that. Now, we just need to get a 30 day supply of mead across the ocean. Details! Details!

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Reception Locations

As we have reserved the location, the next sort of step is to go ahead and get a room to feed everyone. This is a process. And, our backyard is not big enough to fit everyone. Although, the grade school next door does have a mighty large playground. Hmmmm. . . feed everybody on the asphalt and get a nice kickball championship going. Gears are turning.

Nope. I think Jessika might veto that. We’ll see, though. In the meantime, we will look at some of the prospects. My thinking is that we want to keep it close to Olbrich Gardens. I remember when family came to visit one time and Sean stated “How does this work? We started out going North, never made a turn and now we’re going south?”

“Well, yes, Madison is 70 square miles surrounded by reality. It’s its own sort of vortex.” Needless to say, I do not want visitng guests to get lost.

The closest place to the wedding site is the East Side Club. The club has a nice lakefront vista and actually abutts Olbrich Park (across the street from the gardens. It is a nice room with decent pricing. However, it turns out that the membership has decided to redevelop the property. They plan on demolishing the current structure in the fall and building condos and having the room ready for the summer 2009 wedding season. For my money, I am familiar with construction projects. They get delayed.

Next closest is the VFW Post 7591. This is a good place to go for a really stiff drink. I mean it, you have some of these old veterans go in bald and come back out looking like Vinny Barberino. Anyway, I know the Quartermaster, Joe. They have a nice room in the back. The building is actually the original location of Dream Lanes, the establishment where I just ended my 7 year tenure. So, there is a bit of an east side sentimentality to me.

I visited here with my Mom over the weekend and a couple of things jumped out at me. The room is huge. When you think about it, it was a 12 lane bowling center when it was built. You might not think it, but it was big enough to hold three times the reception we have planned. The price is right, though.

Next down the road is the Monona Community Center. We just went to a wedding reception here about one month ago. It is a nice room, just the right size. You have a wide choice of caterers. You can have bar service. But, there is a 10% catering fee tacked onto your bill. I just hate this. I really dislike how our society has gone around low balling all of these prices on services and then tacks on every sort of fee you can dream of. (I pay property taxes. This used to cover garbage services. Now, I pay for that, too. Now, if I want to dispose of an appliance, I have to pay an additional fee. Just my point.)

As it stands, that is the front runner right now.

Jessika has thought that having the reception at the location where we book the block of rooms would be a good idea. I feel its generic. And, I have charged her with the research on that end.

When it comes to flavor, maybe a kickball tournament would be a good idea. But then, what about that first dance?

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