She Said

This is a story about a boy.

To be a bit contrary, I feel I must express my opinion that things ARE supposed to happen this way.   Well, sort of.  I was not looking for a boy any more than he was looking for a girl.  The difference being that I think the best time to meet someone is when you are really, truly, in your heart of hearts, not looking.

Well, I wasn’t looking; but I wasn’t so blind as to not take notice.   I remembered seeing him on New Year’s Eve with the same group of people to which we are both acquainted.  We didn’t talk then, but I remembered thinking he seemed like someone I’d get along with (I have a pretty fine-tuned interpersonal sixth sense).  I also remember liking his stripey colored, knit winter hat, for whatever that’s worth.

So, upon seeing him again, and upon being one of the unfortunate people involved in the longest game of darts ever, I thought a good use of the down time could be spent talking to him.   We wound up on the subject of science fiction authors (which is a pretty weird topic to have come up in the dive-like atmosphere of Willy St. Pub), and found that we had a favorite author in common.

It seems, coincidence was in our favor that night.  Particularly since I was supposed to be somewhere else, as well.  Some other friends were having a get-together about 40 minutes outside of Madison that night, but I didn’t feel like making the drive and opted to hang out with Jason, my friend of 15 years, and his group of friends which included Bob, and subsequently Ryan.

More conversation ensued, and eventually the night wound down; as nights will do. Thankfully Ryan had a pen and the foresight to give me his number before heading home.

He called the next night, just like he said.  We went out for dinner and the rest, as “they” say, is history.



  1. Here’s to several wonderful coincidences!!!
    I like this site!!
    Love, Mom

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